A daily log of my experience with the famous and intimidating 10-day Master Cleanse/Lemonade Diet.


Welcome to the Master Cleanse / Lemonade Diet Blog. I'm Chris and I'm ready to change the way I eat. When I started researching this project I found lots of websites listing all kinds of info, history, and nutritional facts about the Cleanse, but I was suprised at how few sources were available for a person IN THE PROCESS. That's why I've started this blog.

THIS IS NOT A FACT-BASED WEBSITE. This is simply my personal experience with the 10-day Master Cleanse, what the process has been like for me, and what you might be able to expect and plan for if you're gonna do it too! Here you'll find daily video entries where I walk you through how things go for me. I didn't plan particular format or anything, so expect my feedback to be casual and informal with my own simple spin on things. If you're looking for more by-the-book intructions on the cleanse, check out the following links:


Also I found one other journal from someone doing the Cleanse, which was really helpful and funny to read. You can check it out here. Alright, let's get skinny! Oh, sorry. Right, we're not supposed to call this a "diet", it's a "cleanse". Riiight.


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